A team of development professionals who recognize the need for innovative, dynamic and sustainable management in the Caribbean region.

We have the vision, the experience and the skills necessary to strategize, implement and provide project management services to enact change.

We are redefining what development means throughout the region.

Samantha DuQuesnay-Chantrelle and Peter Gyamfi, PHD are primary consultants within the company.
Technical specialists are brought on board on a project specific basis.
Lead by a Board of Directors


Samantha DuQuesnay Chantrelle

BA in Sociology of Development
University of California, Berkeley 1993

MSC Sociology of Development
University of the West Indies, Mona 2010

Corporate Social Responsibility
Harvard Business School, Diploma 2013

20+ years experience in project development and management for IDPS, NGOs and private sector foundations in Jamaica and the Caribbean.

In depth knowledge of and experience in developing Strategic Results Based Management Frameworks

Experience in Program Evaluations and Monitoring,
including social audits for international donors

Vast experience in budget management processes for several international donors including USAID, CIDA, EU, UNDP, DFID, UNICEF, Embassy of Japan

Managed NCB Foundation and Digicel Foundation, with support and partnership with several NGOs, international donors, Government agencies, and other corporates

Experienced raising funds from international donors and corporate sponsors with over US$4.5 million raised in the last 3 years

Designed successful programs and development interventions, including signature events such as the Enrichment Literacy intervention, the Special Needs Mobile Therapy Backpack, and the Digicel 5K

Peter Gyamfi, PHD

MS in Civil Engineering
University of California, Berkeley 1968

PHD Civil Engineering
University of California, Berkeley 1970

Systems Analyst
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1980

Over 28+ years experience working with the World Bank in project development and management for Eastern & Western Africa and the Latin & Caribbean (LAC) Region

Served the World Bank in various roles over the period from the Chief of the Transportation Division for Eastern and Western Africa and LAC to the Section / Division Chief, managing 30 Sector Specialists and 17 support staff.

Produced critical publications on the Transport Sector for LAC including: Infrastructure Maintenance LAC:
"The Costs of Neglect and Options for Improvement" Volumes 4 & 5

Development and Implementation of Transport Sector Policy for all LAC countries

Vast experience working throughout LAC, including Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad, Uruguay, Paraguay,
Chile and Brazil

Vast knowledge and experience in Transport Sector Analysis, including the identification, preparation, appraisal and supervision of transportation projects; Environment Impact Assessment of Projects; Evaluation;

Proficient in the Design and Implementation of Highways, Railways, Port Projects